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  • Featured Online Store: Angelique Lingerie

    Business is booming in many industries. Health, wealth, love and relationships made up the four basic human needs, but there are so many niches and subniches within these. Apparel, services, even plus size lingerie (which is what we’re covering in this article). There’s a company in Denver, Colorado that has been slowly building an empire over the last year called Angelique Lingerie (

    Over the last decade, you’ve likely seen nothing about this brand offline. They have a fantastic online presence though, driving nearly 100% of their sales through a variety of channels. These reason is, the internet has created many new opportunities to give better services to the consumer. The big companies may do a good job overall, but smaller niche companies can do a great job when compared. These companies (like Angelique) are better at choosing inventory, have better connections, and know the industry better.

  • How Do the Best Ecommerce Solutions Work?

    Ecommerce selling has become a staple necessity for most online and “brick and mortar” businesses. This is due to the blossoming online marketplace and the opportunity that it presents each year for growth. Even still, many small businesses haven’t quite caught up and put the proper systems in place. Managing an ever-changing customer base and product line manually is a huge waste of time. If you’re still in the planning stages on how to get your business online and make your daily tasks easier, then it’s important to learn more about how these systems and the best ecommerce solutions work.

    What is an Ecommerce Solution?

    “Ecommerce” is a term that has come to be used in many different ways. “Ecommerce solution” describes a specialized software that helps business owners build a web store and run it over the internet.  It’s the backend components that run the shopping portion of your website and can sometimes even create the look and feel of your store front. These back-end components include the web hosting, interface, and appearance.

    The front end design elements control your store theme and more.  The difference between the low-end and best ecommerce solutions is which components they offer, how they use them, and the quality of them.  There are hundreds on the market so it can get confusing to try and research all of them.  One of the best solutions available for small-to-medium business owners is the shopping cart software by PinnacleCart.  They offer an amazing set of features at a very reasonable price.

  • How Information Technology Can Improve Healthcare

    Technology has drastically changed most areas of our world. This includes the way that our healthcare is delivered. It even gave birth to a whole new industry, Health Information Technology. As with any new technology, some early adopters are already fully utilizing this technology. But, there are many more that have yet to realize its full potential. So what are the best ways to utilize Health Information Technology?

    Small practices face – of any kind face specific challenges – they still need to meet new guidelines but simply can’t afford to hire a large amount of additional staff. One way to do this is to reach out to professionals in all levels of the managed care system.

    Physicians are already using this approach. They are creating referral agreements with other physicians in specialized areas that are related to the needs of their patients requiring chronic care. Part of these agreements is the understanding that the primary care physician’s office will be kept up-to-date every step of the way. The graphic below illustrates how these referral agreements work with the team approach to increase information flow.

  • Guide to 7 Strange & Odd Gadgets of 2015

    Every year there are a huge number of gadgets released. 2015 was no different. Through this plethora of new electronics, there are a few true gems. Others are simply just strange. This is a guide to 7 strange and odd gadgets of 2015.

    #7 Pacif-i
    Initially, this may seem like a ridiculous gadget. I know it did to me too. But, then I saw the benefit of it. An internet connected pacifier solves several common parenting problems. It starts with letting you know where the pacifier is at. But, it also monitors your baby’s temperature and records your child’s medications all from your smartphone.

    #6 Kube
    There are many people that enjoy beer. It is a staple of tailgating. Another staple is music. Kube brings these two things together. It keeps your beer cool and it plays your favorite music from ITunes. Combinations that will make any serious tailgater drool.

  • 5 Best Gadgets for the Home

    Article provided by Jeremy over @ He recently covered two new topics, The Culture & History of Chandler, Arizona. You can read more on their blog over here.

    #1 – The Hub
    Our homes are becoming increasingly more connected. The number of internet connected items is constantly increasing. We now have TVs, computers, smartphones, appliances, lightbulbs, security systems, and even a mirror that is internet enabled. Unfortunately, they are trying to speak several different languages. They are speaking Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, or some other radio language. It is like trying to get the UN to work together without interpreters. Ok, they don’t do so well even then but I digress.

  • 3 Top Technology Gadgets of 2015

    Electronics are a huge part of our lives. Companies are in a rush to come up with the next “big” gadget. There seems to be something new and sometimes a little whacky coming out every couple of weeks. Not all these become huge hits. Some don’t even seem to work right. But, there are some that make our lives easier, save us time, help us get fit, etc. We are highlighting the 3 top technology gadgets of 2015.

    Solar Powered Phone Charger

    We all can relate to the problem of a dead cell phone battery. The idea of a solar powered cell phone charger is not new. One of my first digital phones had a solar powered battery option. I loved being able to lay my phone on the dash board and have it charge. Once it was outdated, I have never found that same option again.